Our Benefits:

Fast and convenient payouts. Get paid in WMR, WMZ, Yandex.Money, or get your earnings deposited into your bank account.


Display only the best-paying ads. You can set a minimum CPM threshold to filter out low-paying ads from showing up on your Web site.


Your personal manager will help you optimize ad blocks, maximizing advertisement revenue without affecting your site usability.


Maximize revenue by displaying 5 or more Google AdExchange blocks per page.


BrandSafe Technology helps Youlamedia experts maximize evaluate your site, optimize ad placement and choose the most relevant and best-paying ads targeted to your audience.


BrandSafe Tech

BrandSafe is a proprietary technology developed by Youlamedia. The technology offers Web site owners worry-free monetization, ensuring continuous compliance with Google policies.

The first step involves a comprehensive analysis of the Web site. Youlamedia specialists use BrandSafe to investigate Web site’s history, assess individual pages and produce quality score estimates for each Web page. Based on this assessment, Youlamedia specialists will offer the most profitable advertising package tailored to that particular Web site.

BrandSafe will keep monitoring the Web site after the ad code is placed to ensure continuous compliance with relevant Google policies. Should a particular page fall beyond the boundaries of Google’s acceptance threshold, BrandSafe will prevent Google ads from appearing on that particular Web page without affecting the rest of the site.

BrandSafe Tech minimizes the risk of Google blocking your Web site or suspending your Google account, helping you safely maximize your earnings.